The DOMAINE FONTANEL extends over 30 hectares in TAUTAVEL within the wineyards is 20 hectares, in the most southern eastern part of France, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenées foothills.

Our production is centered on wine’s quality with methods focusing on the respect of the environment. The treating is reasoned according to the risks. Weed-killers and fertilizers are not used in order to keep the wines as natural as possible.

The yields stay very low, most of the time less than 30hl/ha. After a very precise selection of the grapes, the must is converted into wine using traditional maceration.

Our wines are the outcome of our passion and dedication to produce well balanced and aromatic wines resulting from a research of typicity of our different soils but also wines combining delicacy and personality.

Since 1989, our wines are recognized in specialized press in France, overseas and in numerous national contests.

Since 1864, six generations of wine makers have toiled to preserve the ancestral winemaking vocation and bring out the best of the predestined soil of this small French area of the northern Catalan country. In 1989, Pierre & Marie-Claude FONTANEIL created the DOMAINE FONTANEL by joining the two families together.

In 2017, Elodie et Matthieu Collet will continue what has been built. Pierre stays at their side to ensure the transition.

Video : “In the cellar”